PLR Special Offers Club

Jimmy D. Brown Sells PLR Rights to His OWN Top-Selling Products... Cheap!

Members of his New PLRSO Club gush
"I can't believe it's free to join!"

I've got two words for you... "GOOD" and "LUCK".

Even if you are lucky enough to find a "Guru" selling PLR -- it's rarely their own content -- and if it is -- it's never their best stuff. Have you ever seen anyone selling PLR rights to a product that is proven and making money?

I didn't think so.

Well, this is your lucky day.

Now You Get Your Hands on MY Products with PLR Rights By
Claiming Your FREE Membership To My PLR Special Offers Club

-> AND You Can Even Get Some Of My PLR Offers For FREE!

This is my OWN material. The same meaty, jam-packed, "slap yourself on the forehead" information that people are buying from me every day, only it comes with PLR rights.

And it's DIRT CHEAP!

My new PLR Special Offer (PLRSO) club is free to join. You are under no obligation to buy anything ever. You'll simply be notified anytime I have new PLR Special Offers available for you to consider.

These special offers are EXCLUSIVELY available to PLRSO club members only. You won't find them anywhere else ... even if you look really, really hard! :-)

You'll receive private "members only" announcements when I offer
PLR rights to my own products.... Plus You'll Get FREE PLR Offers Too!

I honestly have no idea how long I'll practically give away PLR rights to my money-making products. I'm "testing the waters" to see how big the demand is.

If they start selling too quickly, I might close the doors to new members.

I'd recommend you grab your free spot now.

* Yes, you can leave the Club with one click of your mouse at any time if you decide you've got enough PLR and don't want any more or for any other reason at any time

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