Sales Letter Factory - Mini Sales Creator

"How to Create High-Conversion
Sales Letters and Bid-Pulling
Auction Listings
in Less than 20 Minutes..." 

As you know, a great sales letter is the key to becoming very successful in selling any product or service online. Not just the letter itself, but also the presentation of that letter in a professional way using time tested techniques is vital to its effectiveness. 
Sales Letter Factory!

 This incredible software not only guides you step by step as you carefully craft your sales letter, it practically writes it for you!

Not only does it totally format your sales letter for you, just like the sales letter you are reading now, formatted, it also builds your sales page website for you! 


    *  Step By Step Process - "Sales Letter Factory" walks you through a simple step by step process, and all you do is fill in the blanks! So you don't need to worry about what to write first or if you are forgetting anything

    * It Builds The Web Page For You! - This incredible software builds your web page for you... You just enter your text in the boxes and click build! It's that simple. It saves you time and the learning curve of having to learn HTML or web programming. In fact, it even saves you money on website editing software. You DON'T need one to use Sales Letter Factory

    * It Creates Your Auction listings in seconds, ready to copy and paste into any online auction website. Allowing you to generate eye-pulling auction listings quickly means that you can create more listings in less time increasing your cash flow with minimal effort

    * Its Easy To Use! - "Sales Letter Factory" is so easy to use, my friend has successfully turned out 4 sales letters with it at first go! She doesn't know how to write copy and she has never created a website before in her life. You know what she asked me? "Can you please create a non-sales template so I can create my personal page with this? -I Love it". I smiled...

    * Just Fill In The Blanks! - All you have to do is go through each step and add a bit of text to the empty boxes! There is a "Preview" button so you can view your sales letter at any time and make sure it's coming along nicely. Disclaimer: This feature can be addicting.

    * Save your Sales Letter Projects! - I say starting from scratch every time is for the birds! Just hit the save button to save your template, then on your next sales letter, load it up again into the software and change the product details! or even the template itself. You will see your sales letter taking different shapes and sizes with the click of a few buttons.

    * No Copywriting Experience Needed- You don't need to be a copywriter to use Sales Letter Factory. The software is smart enough to do that for you. Even if you are a copywriter, SLF will save you a tremendous amount of time putting everything together.

    * Create your Own Templates - If you already have a basic template you are currently using to create sales pages, you can convert it, adding it to Sales Letter Factory and watch the system generate any sales page using your OWN template. (TIP: You can even create templates and sell them to SLF users)

    * It's Flexible for Split Testing- With "Sales Letter Factory", you can change the color, size and font of almost every part of your sales letter. This is a great feature, especially if you are big with testing like I am. You can just create 2 slightly different versions of the same page to test conversions, literally in seconds. Next time, just fire-up your Sales Letter Factory, make some more changes and test the new page against your control.

    * Are you Into Resale Rights Products?- As you probably already know, differentiation is the key to success when selling resell rights products or Private Label Rights (PLR) products. Using the standard sales letters that come with resell rights packages is a recipe to fail. All around the internet you will see the same letters with the same offers and some will even be selling the same products for pennies. However, with Sales Letter Factory, you can quickly change the sales letters to create your own. You can combine bonuses and create your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This will only take a few minutes of your time using SLF and the results will knock your socks off ...literally

If you are sick of struggling to figure out how to build a direct sale website or a bid-pulling online auction...

And.... if you are sick of staying up late at night when the rest of your family is cozy in bed sleeping, while you're up banging your head against your computer monitor, trying to figure out how to get an attractive, selling website of your own online....

Then "Sales Letter Factory" is just what you need! 

 Take Action, And Start Making A Great Living Online Right Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to get your website online in an easy and automated way. Our software will practically write your sales letter for you.


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