Instant Digital Product Delivery

If You Are Selling Digital and Informational Products Online or eBay … then it is time for you to discover the ground-breaking system that will take your business to the next level!

It doesn’t matter if you only have 1 product or if you have 100 products…

 “You CAN Switch Your Digital Product Sales To Auto-Pilot –In Only 2 Minutes– And Skyrocket Your Sales, Boost Your Customer List And Finally Get The Free Time That You Deserve"

“Discover The Biggest Internet Marketing Secret And Get A 24/7 Employee Working For YOU – Without Paying Any Salary” 

If you are selling digital or informational products ANYWHERE ONLINE then you MUST discover the ONE-STOP state-of-the-art solution that will turn your marketing, your list-building, and your business into an automated money-making machine!

It’s Time for You to Discover MyDigitalDispatch!

MyDigitalDispatch is like having a virtual secretary – working for you 24/7 – to handle all of your delivery, shipping and customer service needs! And it will even give you the solution you need to start selling your digital products on EBay AGAIN!

MyDigitalDispatch Is So Simple To Set-Up And Use
that ANYONE Can Master It!

When you set-up MyDigitalDispatch you don’t have to worry about any technical or confusing information… in fact, you can have it completely set-up in about 2 minutes!

All you have to do is upload the files to your web host, run the program, fill in the blanks, click next a couple of times and... Voila! EVERYTHING you need is set up and ready to start automating your business and your life! Even if you do have problems I have put together a helpful support team that will be there to help you along the way. And I Have Only Really Scratched the Surface on What MyDigitalDispatch Can Do For You and Your Business

Just take a second and look over all the features that you are going to get when you order MyDigitalDispatch right now.

  •     You can have Unlimited Products
  •     You can have Unlimited Email Messages
  •     Shopping Cart Support
  •     Integration with your autoresponder
  •     You can sell Multiple Items in ONE Auction on eBay
  •     Customizable Messages through personalization tags. (Personalization)
  •     Instant Delivery
  •     Transaction Log
  •     Works 24/7/365
  •     No human intervention necessary
  •     Works with your computer turned off
  •     Easy "Click Next" Installation
  •     Easy to use administration panel
  •     Error Logging
  •     Pulls backend profits through very targeted upselling and affiliate programs
  •     Instant follow-up
  •     Adjusts to any PayPal supported currency
  •     Checks price and currency before delivery to prevent fraudulent transactions
  •     Scalable - Ability to install additional modules with the click of the button. i.e. - Sales Frequency report module - PayPal button generator module
  •     Return URL WILL NOT be the download page
  •     Prevent item and bandwidth stealing
  •     Receive Free news and marketing tips right from inside your admin panel
  •     Write Email messages in either html or plain text to avoid filters
  •     Emails you each time an item is sold and sent
  •     Promote your affiliate programs through unlimited targeted signatures
  •     You don't have to update your products' item numbers every time you list something on eBay. You just create the items once and you are all set
  •     No button encryption is necessary
  •     No need to write a new message for each product. Just create the email message(s) that you need and attach it to as many products you like. This way when you change the message, it will automatically change for all the products that are using it.
  •       Works with eBay like a charm
  •     You can create unlimited "Items for sale" with different titles (Perfect for eBay auctions), without having to modify your inventory .Inventory stays nice and clean
  •     Change your download URL's with the push of a button
  •     Works with software, eBooks, images, videos, mp3s, zip, and any other downloadable file format
  •     You can even use this software to send customized confirmation email for physical products as well, and upsell something else to your customers
  • 8 BONUS ABSOLUTELY FREE(Worth Above $500)
With MyDigitalDispatch There Is NO Membership
And There Is NO Monthly Fee!

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